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Yorkie Breeders come in many forms. I hope you read the different pages on this site, and learn as much as you can before purchasing a pet.

Yorkshire Terriers have been part of my life for many years now, and I can't imagine being without them. Not only are they part of my life, but true companions and friends.

The purpose of this site is to give the public information about the Yorkie Breed. I receive numerous e-mails and calls from people who have purchased their puppies at 6 - 8 weeks old and are having great difficulties. Most problems do not stem from an inability to care for a puppy but rather the fact that the puppy probably was sold to young.

There's good and bad in all walks of life. There are people who are involved in the breed because of their beauty and charm and their goal is to improve the breed. Then there are those whose motif is Money, not the love for this wonderful breed, and they end up with a broken heart. It may be easy to use "Visa" or "Master Card", but the interest may be much higher than you think regarding the type of Yorkie you receive. Never purchase a Yorkie before they are at least three months of age.

Ask as many questions as you would like from a Breeder such as: litters per year, health problems, how they are housed, Sire, Dam, shots, etc. When you do purchase a Yorkie, whether puppy or adult, you should receive: a written and signed Contract / Bill of Sale stating all terms of the sale. This would include the Alteration Agreement, if any, and of course a guarantee for the health of the dog. You also should receive the Vaccination Record, Pedigree, and a Care Sheet. The Care Sheet will help you with what to feed, amount, times per day, and basic Grooming Instructions. A true Breeder will always be happy to help you, we want you to give the best care possible, with the least amount of worries.

Trying to breed the best Yorkies you can is not an easy venture, it's very time consuming when done properly, not to mention the cost involved. There is no such thing as "Teacup Yorkies" or "Miniature Yorkies", this is just a ploy. The only Yorkie that can be registered with the American Kennel Club is the Yorkshire Terrier point blank.

Serious Breeders do not want their lines in the wrong hands. Years of dedication and hard work could be destroyed in one generation. We are responsible for the lives we bring into the world, and our dogs deserve the best owners and care possible. If you are planning to purchase a Yorkie, learn as much as you can about our breed, just as you would before purchasing anything else.

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The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most delightful breeds to own, and it isn't unusual for people to have two. It seems that one is not enough, the woman of the house wants a small lap dog, and who ends up with the dog at his side, the better half. So the "his" and "her" sweaters are back in style by way of the Yorkshire Terrier.

They are wonderful for the person lacking space to the person needing help in the garden. But as in all breeds of dogs, they're as individual as can be. They can be wonderful with children, but that depends on many factors. The Lineage can affect the disposition of an animal in general, but there are many other factors to consider. Is it a Pup that was raised in a home environment or in a Kennel situation? Was the Pup exposed to children or raised with strictly adults? Is this a Pup that will be a small three pound Female, or a 6-7 pound robust dog full of energy (my favorite). Then there's the question about the children. Some children have been raised to respect animals and treat them properly. They can touch an animal as softly as a feather, and the dog is very receptive knowing it is in no harm. On the other hand an abrasive child should not be allowed to handle a dog, or other animals, until it has the ability to respect life. Yorkies and all other animals deserve the nurturing of a loving home environment.

Never think of the Yorkie as a timid little lap dog. Remember, the Yorkshire Terriers were bred to hunt. This should be your first clue that they can be very inquisitive and adventurous. Many times, if not watched closely, their desire for adventure can get them into trouble. It's important that you are with them at all times outdoors, and an enclosed area, if possible, is even better to fulfill their desire to investigate the world.

Yorkies can live as long as 15+ years depending on many factors such as health and care. Dog ownership is not to be taken lightly, it's a very long commitment. They should be thought of as family members, and treated as such, not a possession. They will give you many years of joy, love, and devotion in return.

ALL Pet Quality Yorkies are sold on Alteration Agreements only, there's NO exception to this rule. Pets are to be loved, not bred.

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