Yorkie Stars
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Yorkie Stars
Yorkie Stars
Yorkie Stars
Yorkie Stars


I think we all started out in Yorkies about the same way. You see that cute irresistible face, and know you will have one someday. Then you become so intrigued with the breed that the desire of showing, and breeding Yorkies becomes part of your life.

Then to watch puppies change into their full glory is something almost undescribable. All puppies are born Black and Tan, the Tan points at this point are at the brow, muzzle and feet. It's really hard to imagine this small black puppy having the ability within it's gene's to transform into a dog with the clear shaded gold head and points our standard calls for. Then for the body to achieve a color that is like no other breed, the cool to the touch reflective blue silk.

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